sunny smile

My greetings to everyone!

This is my first steps on creating Web-pages. My site can look simple and ordinary but I’d like to improve it and make more colourful and interesting. Therefore I’ve been reading some books on Web-creating and try to gain the experience to reach excellent results.
This site isn’t an exact blog. I only want to share with some interesting observations and ideas and perhaps tell a fascinating real story from one’s life or a funny occasion in my life. There are so many beautiful things around us that we ought to notice them. I’m full of hope that every reader can find various useful topics and will be delighted to visit my “Green Pages”. Below is an ordered description of the events in short which seem to be worth reading. To know more, please, move next in each entry.
If you have any interesting and helpful themes or facts you can contact me and offer to place it here in one of the posts. Your views on the environmental problems can also be important and considerable to someone. I would be deeply appreciate to you for help to develop my site. Your mind is really worth and has a big value.

Have fun!

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out