Creating ProFTPD Users in Ubuntu

Creating ProFTPD Users

As you noticed, you are in the default home directory for the “proftpd” user, which isn’t useful for us, thats why we are going to create a new user with the /var/www/ folder as the home folder, so we can access it easily.

To create a FTP user say “myproftpduser” run.

$ sudo useradd myproftpduser

To create a password for it.

$ sudo passwd myproftpduser

To change it’s home folder to /var/www/ run.

$ sudo usermod -m -d /var/www/ myproftpduser

You can also define user home directory with useradd command, while creating a new users in Linux, for more information and usage of useradd command, read our article at.

Installing and Configuring ProFTPD Server in Ubuntu/Debian

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